miércoles, junio 17, 2009


Somedays I just want to go home, I miss the great forest, the houses, that gingling tone, everything, I miss speaking to someone just as it comes out and knowing they will understand, I wont have to explain, I wont have to translate, I wont have to say it again. I miss cornbread and turkey all day long, and apples, sweet apples that can't be found here. And I miss Papa, and the endless list of Aunties and Uncles and cousins.

 Somedays light is just to bright in Madrid, and there aren't enough trees, and there are no deer, and nobody speaks English, and sun rises after 6 in the morning, and thank God because it would be terrible if sun rose sooner.

Madrid just doesn't smell like the states. I should stop watching American movies, I get home sick, but if I don't, I get upset because I'm home sick.

I... Sometimes I just want to go home


  • At 11:58 a. m., Blogger Iñaki said…

    Nobody knows extactly the way of our rivers, maybe one day yours will arrive to a sea, you´ll follow some pretty stars that will shine for you. And at the end of taht sea you will see suddenly highs mountains, mountaisn plenty of forest and deers... And you´ll see known faces and maybe you wont have to repeat or explain things...and other known faces will be i the other side of the sea. You have all of them in you heart(and we got internet) but not all them around you at the same time. We all want to enjoy in yiur company but you are almost good, so you can´t be everywhere at the same time(or you do?). Maybe is time of changes and make real some wishes. Everywhere you be, you´ll be with us too. Follow your heart and insinct to be happy.

  • At 5:42 p. m., Blogger Selara Majere said…

    Maybe you're right, but you really gotta check your grammar sugar cups :P


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